Surreal Series

by Brendon Schumacker

Welcome to my Surreal Illustration Series

This series is dedicated to my surreal ideas. Sometimes I get inspired by other surreal artists like H.R. Giger or Dali. Sometimes I just start doodling things based on a theme. Whichever the case, these types of illustrations are rarely "abstract" because they always have clearly distinguishable objects based on a theme but in a universe without rules, a universe which looks quite different from our own, and often with a dreamy type of feeling.

Some works added to this collection might also look like common fantasy illustrations, but I will include them here too as long as they look strange enough, because I don't want to have to make another category :) or invent some new name to fit everything like this.

Click 'Next' to proceed and please take the time to click on the images and view close-ups and read the descriptions where applicable.