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Keystone Updates 17 Feb 2024

I’ve been working on the new system. I completely uprooted the data system for EVERYTHING, images, sound, text data. What other type of data is there in a game?

I made a web interface to run on my local server, so I can use this system to upload and organize all the data for each book and chapter, and apply defaults for each scene, and save everything in organized directories which are uniform and consistent from book to book, chapter to chapter, scene to scene. This was a big relief. Previously I had everything scattered all over in a code file. So each book had its own data file and files were just getting dumped all over the place with my random ideas and mood changes.

No more of that. Now I am organized.

So today I was nearing completion on all the sound data, but I got to a point where the only remaining things to be organized was the hardest part, the boss scenes, because they are the most complicated.

So I stopped just there. The images are all organized. The sound is 90% organized. And I’ll have to fix a bunch of little things that got broken along they way - but it’s nothing major.

Now I’m trying to regain focus on where I will go after that, because this was all coming up to a pinnacle, and I should be getting close to finishing something.

Here’s a plan forward I guess.

  1. Finish moving everything to the new sound system.

  2. Get back to the new designs for RPG Quest and Battle chapters.

  3. I have to finish adding content for the fantasy quest and test more advanced features like dialogue pop-ups.

  4. The battle scene needs some touch ups for layers and effects.

I think that’s it. If I get that done I just have to focus on CONTENT. Which is the ultimate goal. I haven’t been able to focus on content creation because I’m too busy in the code all this time.

I long-term goal is, hopefully, to have the system running so smooth that the only thing I am doing is (A) creating content and (B) enhancing graphics.

That’s all I want to do.

We’re close. We are really, really close. That’s why I had to write this log to get this off my chest.

I think I can have this technical stuff done possibly over the weekend or by the end of next week.

Then the next launch deadline can be met. I’m hoping for mid March.